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Terms and Condition

Spysonic will appear as charge on your credit card statement. All orders place online have Account Verification Security (AVS) & SSL (Secure Socket Layer) online payment protection. Once your order has been placed, it goes through AVS procedure and through our billing department. Upon approval your order will be processed and prepare for shipment. Customer can cancel any time before item is ship out. Once an item has shipped out, customer is fully responsible for the shipping charge.

Type of payment we accept:
- Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express
- Business Checks (will verify before processing order)
- Paypal
- Wire transfer, available upon request, must submit customer support form so we can send you the swift code.


**GPS tracking devices, Audio listening devices, Jammers, Noise Generators, and bug detectors are specialty item therefor are Final Sales (Non-Refundable, Non-Exchangeable) for any reason.**

All surveillance cameras, dvr, and regular cctv equipments have a 14 days return policy with 15% Restocking fee.
All items must return in New resell condition with all the original equipment. We may refuse your return package or charge a fee of up to 50% restocking fee if an item is return not in its original New condition. Including missing accessory, physical damage such as scratch etc

Once an item is shipped out customer is fully responsible to pay for the freight. Customer with Non-deliverable address and package returned back to us will subject to a 15% restocking fee on total order.

Physical Damage Claimed
Physical damage or missing components must be reported within 3 business days after package has been delivered.
No Exception to this rule. After 3 days you can request to buy a replacement item.

**Warranty date automatically start the day you received your package** There is no form to fill out, or any warranty sign up, warranty is automatic from the date your package was delivered regardless whether you use the item or storage it away

Warranty Terms::
*All Warranty Items must have RMA Number (return merchandise authorization) on your return package
* Return package without a RMA number will be denied and return back to customer
* Customer pays for freight on return products.
* Upon receiving your warranty item, we will gladly repair or replace, whichever applies.

Warranty Voided::
Can my warranty be voided? Yes. Few reasons below
- If manufacturers are out of business
- If customer owes any open balance/payment to any invoice
- If items are found to be physically damage or tampered with internally

Warranty for U.S.A & Canada customers (excluding Alaska)
We have a fast and easy warranty service.
Each product we sell on our store have a warranty up to 1year, varies on products. If for any reason during the warranty terms a product has a defect, simply email us and request a RMA number. Then simply ship back to us (customer pays for freight) and once the product is done with repair/replace warranty service, we will do a ground shipping back to customer, free of cost. (Exclude Alaska, no ground available to Alaska). Alaska customer is under International warranty service and must pay two way shipping cost. Alaska customer pay to ship back to us and pay for freight to ship back to Alaska.

Warranty for International customers
- International customer must pay for "2-Way" shipping cost
- Item has to be pre-paid package back to us and customer also agree to pay for new shipping cost for us to ship the item back to customer
- All customs fees must be pre-paid for us. (We will not pay for any u.s. custom fees)

(1year Warranty Products)
All items on our webstore are 1 year warranty with exception below. Guaranteed 100% free of internal defects. Warranty does not include physical damage.

(30days Warranty Products)
All CCTV equipments below are non-electronics and have a 30 days warranty.
- Lens
- Housings
- Mounts & Brackets
- Cables
- Power Adapters, Batteries
- Connectors, Convertors, Adapters

Spysonic will not be responsible for any printing, typing, images or specifications errors. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. If we made a mistake on any product prices and you already place an order, we will honor and give you the original price you seen it. We do not make any claims about the legality of certain product applications such as covert cameras, audio recorders, or video transmitters etc.... We encourage everyone to check applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations before engaging in those surveillance products. We do not condone any activities such as misuse of covert cameras in restroom, dressing room, etc...Please use accordingly to protect yourself, homes, business, valued items, and your love ones.

The items offered on Spysonic.com are only intended for use in a legal manner. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and not Spysonic to ascertain and obey all laws, which apply to the possession and use of any item. By placing an order with us, the purchaser represents he/she is legal of age and that products are to be used only in a lawful manner. The purchaser/customer agrees that he/she will not sue or allow others to use any item from Spysonic.com in an illegal fashion. The purchaser further agrees to hold Spysonic harmless for any claims, actions and legal and/or court fees brought against him /her in connection with any use of products ordered from spysonic.com.
Spysonic.com or any members of its staff disclaim any responsibility and/or liability for any wrongful or unlawful acts committed by the purchaser with any items purchase from us.
- Images and specifications on this website might and might not be the actual product.
- We will not be responsible for any errors on this site.
- Supply until stock is available (Most items are stocked, we will contact you if it’s not in stock).

Sku number
Sku number on our site are our reference number to a product and will be on your invoice. Please note: It might not be the product number on the actual item.

** We have the right to refuse service to anyone.**