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Wired Video Hidden Camera

The hidden camera wired video is most original and common solution for long term undercover surveillance. Each hidden camera are power to the original ac power cord, simply plug in ac power and using video cable and plug one end to your hidden camera and another to your stand-alone dvr recorder and begin your recording. Super simple. If you need a stand alone dvr we have it too. All of our stand alone dvr contain a 500GB hard drive for up to months’ worth of recording.


Hidden Spy Camera PIR Sensor Case Wired Video Camera High Resolution 620 Lines (Audio Avail.)

**High Quality** 3-version of PIR to choose from. #1) PIR Camera w/620 Resolution  #2) 620 Res + Audio or  #3) PIR Real Sensor w/no audio, built in 1/3" Sony CCD 3.7mm Pinhole lens + free 12vdc power adapter.

$ 79.00

Smoke Detector Hidden Wired Video Camera Ultra High Resolution 620 Lines (Audio Available)

**High Quality** Smoke Detector alarm wired hidden camera, 0.01 Lux, Ultra-High 620 Resolution or Ultra-High 620 w/Audio) Color, Indoor, Side View Down 78+degree, 1/3" Sony CCD 3.7mm camera. free 12vdc Power adapter . Functional smoke detector.

$ 99.00