Mini Portable Digital Video Recorder

Select models below for our mini portable digital video recorder. These small compact security digital video recorder are ideal for on the go application or small undercover projects. Some portable dvr have 1 channel video camera input so you can insert any surveillance camera of your choice, while others are in a complete kit with mini button and screw cameras. The portable dvr runs on battery and is rechargeable or replaceable battery varies on models. Its the perfect security dvr recorder to record surveillance on the go or for simple quick project. Simply plug in any security cameras, or hidden camera, power up camera & dvr and you're ready for your surveillance. We offer individual mini portable dvr or complete kit with micro button / screws cameras. With complete kit, the camera that is included uses the same power as the portable dvr. With individual mini portable dvr, any camera use must supply its own power. All accessories included with any of our mini portable digital video recorder/ or security dvr kit and 1 year warranty.


Mini Portable High Definition DVR with Button Camera Set Up to 32GB, Time Date Stamp

1080Pixel HD recording digital video recorder. Completely portable and battery operated for up to 4 hours before recharging. Time Date Stamp, One touch recording. Up to 32GB SD memory storage.

$ 349.95