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Body-Worn Hidden Camera DVR

Body worn is the perfect solution for anyone on a short undercover project. Completely portable with battery operated and is ideal for body placement or carrying around. Simply walk around freely as you please. Battery has shorter life span but it’s made for that quick undercover project. Up to 32GB max varies on each audio hidden spy cam.

Covert Body Worn Cameras

Shop covert body worn cameras for law enforcement, private investigators, corporate and personal use including button cameras with DVR, hidden camera ties and watches.

Covert Body Worn Cameras are perfect for covert investigations, easily hidden and will record for hours or days.


Spy Pen Hidden Camera DVR Video & Audio Recorder 4GB USB Memory

Pen Camera Spy Cam. 640x480 Video, High Res. 1280x1024 Jpeg Image. Fully functional pen camera dvr. Records audio + video. USB memory 4GB built-in. Power 2hrs per recharge.

$ 49.00