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Stealth Portable Audio Jammer and Speech Protection System

Stealth Portable Audio Jammer and Speech Protection System
Portable Audio Jammer and Speech Protection System The Stealth SM2040DX
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Professional Series - The Stealth Portable Audio Jammer and Speech Protection System

The Stealth Jammer is the most advanced portable audio jammer and speech protection system which protects you against third person listening, eavesdropping, and recording devices. The Stealth Jammer creates sound barrier interference which masks your speech and conversation to be extremely difficult or impossible to extract the original content from the noise.

What is it used for? The Stealth Jammer will protect you from:
Third person listening
Voice recorders(tape and digital)
Microphones, wireless microphones
Stethoscopes, laser listening device
GSM/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi transmitters, etc.



Sound Masking (Audio Jamming)

The 2 channel chaotic noise (Distortion + Reverberation) in a random sequence secures your privacy and information from recent hi-tech speech extraction software.

Main Speakers: 500 mW x 2(Top & Bottom) – adjustable output level

The built-in 2 speakers create sound barrier interference against listening and recording nearby its location. – Indoor interference

Sub-Transducer: 500 mW x 2 – adjustable output level

These 2 special transducers (TRN600S) can be installed on window, wall, partition, ceiling and hard floor toemit the chaotic noise with random vibration depending on the output of noise to protect your speech and conversation from eavesdropping and third party listening. – Outdoor interference

External Output

The Stealth Jammer provides a 3.5 mm standard external output jack for an external speaker (Omni-Speaker) or amplifier for extra sound barrier, if necessary.

4 Channel Communication Ports

The Stealth Jammer has 4 built-in channel communication ports to provide high quality secured communication for protecting speech between up to 4 people.

Each communication port can be controlled its output level to optimize for each user
The users between its communication ports won’t be disturbed by the interference of chaotic noise.

Protects against all known methods of listening and recording devices - All types of radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators and wired microphones, etc.
Voice Activated output for efficient and comfortable usage
The output audio interference level is beinggenerated simultaneously with the input human’s speech.
The volume of this interference is higher than a person’s voice; therefore neither a listening device nor a recorder is able to pick it up.
Compact Portable Design – it can be easily carried and prepared for instant usage.
Easy to use – No professional installation and skills are required
Provides a much higher level of protection than any white-noise generator in the market.
It can be used in any situation. – Office, Home, Meeting Room, Car, Hotel
The transducers and external output give additional protections against any recording and eavesdropping activities – Triple protection
Each noise output and communication channel can be adjusted individually for best result.
Absolutely harmless – no microwave reflections or ultrahigh sound noise.
Made in Korea for quality control

Type of Noise: 2 Channel Chaotic Noise (Distortion + Reverberation)
Output (Electronic volume control) Voice Activated Output

2 Built-in Speakers (Top & Bottom) – Max. 500 mW

TRN 600S Transducers – Max. 500 mW X 2 with Random Vibration

EXT Output – 500 mW

Communication Ports: 4 Ch of adjustable outputs for headphone
Headphone Noise Cancelling Stereo with Microphone (Included 2 headphones)
Power Source 110 V AC Adaptor (USA) or 220 V AC Adaptor

(Car Cigar Jack: 9 V ~ 28 V DC – Option)

Dimensions (without handle) 160 W x 160 L x 35 H (mm) (6.25 W x 6.25 L x 3.44 H (inch)

Package Contents
The Stealth Jammer
1pc Headphone with Microphone x 2 (Additional headset must be purchased separately by request)
Transducer: TRN 600S (Sound + Vibration) with cable x 2
110 V AC-DC Power Adaptor x 1 (USA) or 220 V AC-DC Adaptor x 1
User Manual


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