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Professional Grade iProtect 3-Band RF Bug and Wireless Detector

Professional Grade iProtect 3-Band RF Bug and Wireless Detector
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Having all three on the screen visibly shows what type of signals are being detected. This device allows the operator to set an alarm to reject background noise to a certain threshold, so it will only detect from at above the frequency set. This item is ideal to detect any wireless audio bugs, camera, etc..1 year warranty

NOTE* Bug detectors are specialty product therefor are final sales, no refund/no exchange.


Detects all types of RF transmissions including analog and digital, audio and video
Frequency range 50 MHz – 12 GHz
Separation into 3 bands helps to avoid loss of sensitivity near strong interference
ALL BANDS and ONE BAND display modes
High sensitivity to 3G and wireless protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.)
Working modes: SILENT, AUDIO and ALARM
Adjustable alarm threshold
Portable, reliable and easy-to-use
The BARGRAPH shows the momentary RF level
The HISTOGRAM displays the RF signal over 5 seconds (in 'ONE BAND' display mode)
The SIGNATURE displays the possible signal type
Built-in directed microwave antenna
Shock-resistant CNC milled duralumin housing
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with resource of 6 hours
Controlled by microcontrollers
2x built-in OLED displays

Frequency Range: 50 MHz – 12 GHz, Band 1: 50 – 700 MHz, Band 2: 700 MHz – 3 GHz, Band 3: 3GHz – 12 Ghz
Charging Port: USB
Battery Recharge Time: 4 hours
Battery Resource: 6 Hours
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion 1150mAh @ 3.7v
Threshold settings: 48 steps
Microwave Antenna: Built-in (band 3)
RF Connector: SMA (band 1 & 2), 50Ohm
Working Modes: Silent, Audio, Alarm
Display Modes: All Bands, One Band
Indicators: Main Display & Status Display
Operating Temp: 14-113°F

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