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Pen Style RF Bug Detector iProtect

Pen Style RF Bug Detector iProtect
dd1205i, dd1205 bug detector pen bug detector wand bug detection wand in pen style
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$ 295.00

Pen Style RF Bug Detector IProtec

This RF detection bug detector (pen style design / wand), easily fits in user hand to conceal action while sweeping for bugs of different types. Perfect fit for both professional and novice users, simple to use, and allows operator to locate the source. Keep your conversations to yourself with the RF Detector wand. Note* All bug detectors are final sales / no returns / no refunds. 1 year warrany from any defects.*

Product Features:

Perfect gadget to protect your conversations! Sweep the bugs under the rug!

Easy and quick detection of RF bugs of different types, including VHF/UHF transmitters, GSM/3G bugs, wireless video cameras, Wi-Fi audio and video transmitters, vehicle transmitters, body-carried transmitters, etc.

3 working modes: Normal, Vibrating, and Audio

Wide frequency range 50-6000 MHz

Powered just by 1 x AAA battery

16-segment bargraph indicator

Physical attenuator provides ability to locate strong RF sources

Highly sensitive to real signals without being affected by weak background radio waves

No sensitivity loss at battery discharge

Low power indication

Is able to detect modern communications, including GSM, 3G, 4G (LTE), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 2.44 and 5GHz

High-quality detection scheme with professional RF isolation

Reliable and tested device for different sweeping tasks

Detects both analogue and digital transmissions

Allows the operator to locate the source

Vibrating signal for concealed indication of a high RF level and testing hard to access places

Durable duralumin case

Battery resource 10-20 hours

Product Specs:
• Frequency 50MHz to 6GHz
• Power: 1 x AAA Battery
• Consumption: 100mA (stand-by) 200mA (full bar graph)
• Dimensions:172x19 mm
• Battery Resource: 10-20 hours
• Indicator: ATT state
• Indicator: Working Mode
• Indicator: Battery State (3 colors)
• Indicator: Vibration
• Indicator: 16-segment bar graph
• Controls: Power button; MODE button; ATT button
• Working Modes: Normal; Vibrating; Audio

Product Includes:
• Lanyard attachement clip

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