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HD 1280x720p Hidden Camera Sony Clock Radio Up to 32GB SD - Day Video

HD 1280x720p Hidden Camera Sony Clock Radio Up to 32GB SD - Day Video
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MADE IN USA - COLOR DAY VIDEO - Professional grade quality!! Sony Radio Clock hidden camera DVR in HD (High Definition 1280x720p). Motion activated real time video is recorded on a Micro SD card, (hidden sd port). Every system includes a 8Gb Micro SD card and stores up to 32GB SD port. Motion activated, and Time date stamp. All equipment is fully functional so it look natural. Video may be played back from the unit itself to your TV or SD card removed and played on your PC. 1 Year warranty.


Fucntional Sony Radio Clock
Fully programmable DVR. Change Time, Record Type and more.
Compatible with Windows up to Win8 Mac OSX
The camera and recorder are powered by the original equipment DC power cord
The camera is pointing out and slightly up.
The viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
There are no beeps, no lights, no noise and no sign that a camera or recorder is inside.
The video is easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player. (VLC, etc.)

Camera Lens: ~ 4.3mm Color CMOS 1MP Pinhole Lens
Quality: ~ 720P HD
Minimum Lux (light): ~ 0.5
Resolution: ~ 1280x720 HD Quality
Frame rate: ~ 30FPS
Recording Mode: ~ Motion Detection
Storage Mode: ~ Micro SD Cards
Size Supported: ~ Up to 32GB
Recording Length: ~ 1 minute per clip or per motion
Recording Cycle: ~ Auto-Recycle (deletes oldest clip)
Recording Capacity: ~ Recording with motion detect on, In most environments the DVR will record between 2-4 days per 8GB increments. If the DVR is set to record continuously, The DVR will record 30 minutes per GB. (Continuously Recording is not recommended, If you need this feature you can program it through the menu by using the remote)

1 x Hidden Camera / Camera & DVR built in
1 x 8GB Micro SD Card
1 x TV out Cable
1 x Programming Remote control for Menu
1 x Instruction Booklet

Clock Radio Spy Camera and Highest Quality Clock Radio Hidden Camera

If a security camera is hanging prominently from the ceiling or high on the wall, well in sight of any criminal who will just bust it or block it, he'll just keep on stealing. highest quality clock radio hidden camera or clock radio spy camera, on the other hand, can catch the action covertly, so the criminal won't know it's there and at least you'll have a chance of identifying the perp.


  • Clock Cameras blend in seamlessly with your home or office interior
  • Clock Spy Cameras have motion-activated or push-button recording
  • Wall Clock Spy Cameras don't look like any type of high-technology
  • Clock Cameras like Radio Clock Spy Cameras won't be identified by burglars


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